• How To Prevent Ants This Fall

    Fall is the time of year when the air is getting chilly and the leaves are falling. It's when you start to bring everything from the outside to the inside of your home or into your garage to protect it from the colder weather that's coming. When making these moves, you could be bringing pests into your home unknowingly. You may be doing other things to lure pests such as ants to your home as well.
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  • Pest Control: 4 Prevention Tips To Keep Pests Out Of Your Home

    Pests can take many different forms, but the insect and rodent type are the more common ones that pest control services handle. You may encounter these types of pests during your lifetime as a homeowner (or renter), and they aren't anything to mess around with. If you've spotted pests in your home, taking action right away is important in preventing an out-of-control infestation. As a renter, it's important to report it to your landlord right away.
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  • Don't Get Too Wigged Out About Earwigs

    Earwigs are some rather scary-looking bugs. With the two pincers that emerge from their back and the long antennae that seem to swirl around their face, it's no wonder that myths about these creatures abound. There are some unfortunate aspects of finding earwigs around your home, but not everything you've heard about these bugs is true. Here are a few myths, along with a few facts. Earwigs will burrow into your ears: MYTH
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