The Exterminator Cometh: 6 Things That Will Happen To Your Stuff When Your Home Is Treated For Bed Bugs

Posted on: 22 September 2020

You'll probably do just about anything to rid your home of bed bugs, but what happens to your stuff in the extermination process? Will you be able to keep it all? Will any of it be destroyed by the terminator you call to kill those coy and creepy critters? A lot will go down; however, you need not fear, as your belongings will be in good hands, despite all the things that are going to happen to them.

1. All Your Stuff Will Be Seen

No stone will be left unturned, meaning everything you own, whether you want it exposed or not, will be seen. Potentially embarrassing items should not be tucked away somewhere or stored in a different place, however, because you risk retaining a bed bug or two. Ask the exterminators you hire how you can prepare your home, including things you're going to put aside. Don't be too worried, though, as these professionals have probably seen things far more blush-worthy than whatever you'd like kept private.

2. Some Of Your Stuff May Be Kept By The Exterminator

Certain items, such as electronics, where the bugs can reside without detection or deterrence, may be kept by the pros, to ensure the insects eventually do die. These items can be held for what seems like a long time, so make inquiries beforehand so you can maybe borrow an extra TV from a friend or otherwise have all you need during the extermination proceedings.

3. Your Stuff Will Be Subjected To Extreme Heat

Extreme temperatures are the best weapon against bed bugs; thus, your entire house or apartment will be filled with exceedingly high heat. You'll be advised in advance about anything that could potentially be damaged by the temps, such as plants, musical instruments, ammo, and anything in an aerosol canister.

4. Some Stuff Could Be Knocked Over By Air-Pressure

With all that hot air blowing around, anything of little weight could be flying around or knocked over. Papers, books, nicknacks, and other whatnots need to be secured, especially if they're valuable and/or breakable.

5. Some Items May Also Be Encased

Encasement involves sealing bed bugs in, so they can't re-infest your home. Usually, some type of plastic covering that's air-tight when closed is used on mattresses and other items. The duration of encasement depends on the opinion of your exterminator, whose sole objective is to protect you from the recurring nightmare of recurring bed bugs.

6. All Of Your Stuff Will Need To Be Cleaned

Both before treatment and after, you'll need to do some heavy-duty cleaning. Prep the home by vacuuming (then disposing of the bags immediately), taking out all trash, and creating a neat and logical path for the professionals to come in and do their diligence. Don't do anything that you haven't been asked to do, like bag clothing or linens. Follow the instructions you're given precisely, then plan on doing a lot of spiffing-up once the process is complete.

When you vacate the home, you should do so with literally just the clothes on your back and any pets, if you have them. The more you take with you, the more you risk harboring a bug that you'll only bring back later (or leave at someone else's house).

Some time after your home has been treated, the bed bug exterminator will contact you, either for definitive follow-up treatment or to inquire about any bug sightings or bites. Most often, more than one visit by the exterminator is necessary to completely eradicate a home of bed bugs, but your keen observations will also help them determine the next course of action. Your stuff will be safe, though, since you now know what will happen to it and since the bed bug exterminator is going to take good care of it, too.

If you have bed bugs, call a bed bug exterminator for help.


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