7 Things That Bring Pests

Posted on: 26 December 2018

By learning about some of the things you may be doing wrong around your property with regards to keeping pests away, you will be able to change your habits in a way that gives you a home with less pests and this is always a great thing. The information below will teach you about 7 of the things you can be doing that can bring different types of pests to your home, including both large and small pests.

  1. Leaving dirty dishes out: Many families like to eat dinner and then leave the dishes for the morning. This way, they can spend the rest of their evening watching TV and relaxing with the family. However, when you leave dirty dishes in the sink and on the counters, it can increase your chances of finding roaches, ants, and flies inside of your house and needing to bring an exterminator in to get rid of them.
  2. Leave your cat and dog food out: If you like to free feed your cat or dog, you should think twice about it. Leaving their food out all day and all night in your home can cause insects to be drawn to it. If you free-feed them outside, then not only will insects be drawn to their food, but you may also end up dealing with rodents like mice and rats, as well as bigger pests, like raccoons.
  3. Fix leaks and remove stagnant water: You have many reasons for fixing leaks, but preventing pest infestations is another important reason. Leaks can cause water bugs, roaches, and other pests to be drawn to the water. Also, if the leak has caused stagnant water, then you can be asking for a big mosquito infestation to happen.
  4. Get a secure trash can: If you have a trash can with a lid that can be easily removed, then your trash can become a food source for all kinds of pests. Depending on where you live these pests can include everything from small rodents to pests as large as bears.
  5. Secure your garden: If you have a garden then you will be providing fresh food to all kinds of pests. While some pests are extremely hard to keep out of the garden, others are easier. Have deer fencing put around the garden to keep deer out. Have the fencing installed so it goes further down into the ground to also help reduce the chances of rabbits and other pests from getting in the garden.
  6. Remove junk piles: If you have junk piles in the yard, then they can make perfect areas for all types of pests with some including black widows, bees, cockroaches, silverfish, peel bugs, mice, rats, rabbits, and many others.
  7. Stop feeding the birds: While you may love seeing the birds eating from your bird feeders, the seeds that fall on the ground and even the seeds in the feeders can bring pests. Mice, rats and even squirrels will come for those seeds.

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