3 Reasons Mice Are Dangerous For You And Your Home

Posted on: 26 August 2018

Unlike many other types of pests, mice don't generally bite, and they don't sting, but they do pose a number of serious health risks and can cause extensive and expensive damage to your home. If you spot just one mouse in your home, you should schedule pest control services right away. Here are just a few of the reasons mice are dangerous for you and your home.

1. Mice Spread Diseases

The first thing mice do when they enter your home is mark the place as their own, they begin to urinate and defecate everywhere. Not only is it mess, but mice waste also carries a wide variety of known pathogens that can be extremely serious and lead to health problems, some of which may be life-threatening. Some of the diseases carried by mice include:

  1. Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, which is a respiratory disease found in rodent urine and droppings. If humans infected with Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome are not treated, it can lead to breathing problems and kidney failure, which can lead to death.
  2. Salmonella can be transferred from mice onto your counters, in the cabinets, and into your food. Salmonella presents a variety of serious symptoms, including fever, vomiting, and stomach cramps; all of which can be serious.
  3. Lyme disease is transmitted through ticks, which often bring with them. Lyme disease can have long-term, serious effects on your health.
  4. Leptospirosis, which is a bacterial disease that is transmitted through mice urine and humans can contract the disease through food and beverages contaminated with mouse urine.
  5. Hemorrhagic fever is a viral disease spread from rodents to humans through direct exposure to mouse urine and droppings.

2. Mice Carry Parasites

Until they find their way into your home, field mice live outdoors, which means they attract a wide variety of parasites. So, when they come into your home, they also bring with them parasites, such as fleas, mites, ticks, and lice. These parasites are difficult to get rid of, and many, such as ticks and fleas carry diseases that can be harmful to your family and your pets.

3. Mice Destroy Your Home

One of the first things mice do when they enter your home is to search for nesting material and places to nest. In doing this, they chew through your wood furniture, destroy the upholstery and shred pictures and books. As bad as this is, the most serious risk about mice being in your home is their tendency to chew through wiring in the walls. Not only does this affect your electrical items, but it also poses a serious risk for an electrical fire.

Prevention is the best way to avoid the risks that come with mice in your home. There are several ways to block mice from entering your home, such as sealing cracks in the foundation, sealing spaces around pipes that lead outdoors, keeping pet food clean and indoors, and cleaning up food droppings and spills as soon as they happen. Unfortunately, even if you take every step for prevention, mice can still find their way indoors. If you notice one mouse or more, contact an exterminator immediately to get rid of them before the situation worsens.


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