Using Color And Other Natural Items To Keep Bed Bugs Out Of Luggage

Posted on: 31 January 2017

While traveling is a fun activity for many people, it can expose their luggage to the dangers of bed bugs. Once bed bugs get in luggage, they can be spread into a person's home quickly. However, it is possible to use specific colors to drive away bed bugs and keep them out of luggage.

Bed Bugs Prefer Certain Colors And Hate Others

Studies into bed bugs found that they, like many insects, have colors that they like and colors that they do not like. For example, they are really into dark red and black. The reasons for this are simple: they probably mimic the dark hiding places that bed bugs prefer living in when moving into a new home. However, their least favorite colors were white and bright yellow, probably because they looked like sun or sunlight.

As a result, it is possible to use color to drive bed bugs away from a home and protect it from an invasion by these nasty creatures. It is particularly important to integrate these colors into luggage, as this is often the way that bed bugs sneak into homes from hotels and other houses.

You Can Cut Fabric And Add It To Luggage

To keep bed bugs away from luggage, take a large piece of white or bright yellow cloth, wash it, and cut it to fit the interior of a piece of luggage. Measure the interior of the piece of luggage and cut the cloth to meet it fully. Square it up using a hard and flat surface and a t-square on the corners to ensure that it is easy to integrate into a piece of luggage.

Press it flat up inside of the luggage and use a needle and some thread to sew it into place. Make sure to fix up both sides of the luggage in this way to create a bright bed bug deterrent. It's not a bad idea to also purchase luggage with a bright exterior to keep the bed bugs even further away.

Rubbing Alcohol Can Drive Them Away From Luggage

After adding this white and bright cloth to the interior of a piece of luggage, it's not a bad idea to integrate items in the luggage that will drive away bed bugs. One of the most effective of these is rubbing alcohol. Spray a small amount of it on the interior of your luggage: bed bugs hate it and will avoid it.

Simply locking the luggage and avoiding opening it when at a hotel room can help a lot, too. In this way, it is possible to keep bed bugs out of luggage for good and keep them at the hotel, not at a home.

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