Have Ants In Your House? Know How To Get Rid Of Them For Good

Posted on: 14 October 2016

Nobody likes to see ants inside their home, but since their bodies are so small, they'll get through the smallest holes in your home's foundation. Sealing your home to prevent ants from getting in is pointless. Your best defense is going to be to kill the ants so that they are gone once and for all. Here are some tips to get rid of those ants for good.

How Ant Poison Works

Ants can be difficult to kill because their nests can be in hard-to-reach places. They could be hidden underground in your garden or in a crawl space underneath the house. That is why poison is going to be very effective at killing them. 

The poison works in two ways to get rid of those annoying ants. The poison is located in a sugary substance that attracts the ants to it. Ants will not only eat the poison, but also take it back to their nests for other ants to feast on. The goal is to not only kill the ant that took the poison, but to kill off the ants in their nest as well. 

In addition, the poison will be in the body of the ant, and once they die, other ants do eat the decomposed bodies of dead ants. If an ant body is found outside their nest, worker ants will take that body to their nest as well.

The process can take a couple days, but it will slowly and surely kill off the ants that are in their nest.

Bait Traps

If you have ants inside your home, you are going to need bait traps. These can be placed along your walls where ants travel. They pick up the poison and take it back to their nest, and the poison takes care of the rest.

For outside your home, you can use granules that are sprinkled over the ground in the places where you see ant hills. Ants take these small granules back to the nest. There are also poison stakes that can be inserted into the ground, which help supply poison to those ants digging underground.

Contact Killers

Once you feel that the ants have stopped coming into your home, use a contact killer along the perimeter of your home. As the name implies, this poison kills the ants when they come in contact with it. Leave the dead ant bodies alone, because worker ants will take the poisoned body back to the nest.

When you can't seem to get rid of ants using DIY methods, you'll need a professional pest control company like Leck's Exterminating to take care of it for you.


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