Natural Ways To Rid Your Home Of Bed Bugs

Posted on: 6 July 2016

Nobody wants to go through the nightmare of getting bed bugs, but the reality is that your home is no more immune to the pest than another, no matter how clean you are. Bed bugs are travelers, meaning you can pick them up at a hotel, another person's apartment, or any common place where the critter is already active, leading to an infestation on your own property. Many pest control experts claim that bed bugs are the most difficult intruder to get rid of in the home, which means if you notice an infestation yourself, you need to act quickly. If you are leery of using chemicals to get rid of the pests, here are some natural remedies you can try before contacting your local pest control expert.

Steam clean your beds

You will want to use a commercial steamer to get rid of bed bugs if you are using this powerfully hot method to eradicate them. This way, you have the gallon pressure you need to deeply infiltrate your mattress, pillows, headboard, and bed frame. Since two thirds of bed bug incidents involve finding the critters in or around mattresses, this is the best place to start when you are trying to rid your home of them. The high heat from the steam kills bed bugs and their eggs, helping to end the repeating infestation cycle. A carpet cleaning machine won't get hot enough to have the same killing effect, so make sure you use a commercial steamer. You can rent one from an equipment rental facility if you need to.

Try essential oils

Some essential oils, such as eucalyptus and lavender, are capable of driving away bed bugs while killing existing insects and their eggs at the same time. You can add a few drops of essential oil to a commercial steamer while cleaning, or you can vacuum the affected areas and then sprinkle drops of essential oil along floorboards, bed frames, and other areas where you have noticed bed bugs (peppermint and tea tree oil are effective as well).

Keep in mind that while natural remedies to get rid of bed bugs can work, they may take longer than hiring a pest control expert to use their equipment to get rid of them. If you have a drastic bed bug issue, you may want to consult with a pest control expert such as Tri-County Termite & Pest Control, Inc. prior to trying any natural treatments so you follow the best path for bed bug eradication.


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