Insects That Can Damage – Or Destroy – Your Loblolly Pine Tree

Posted on: 20 April 2016

Loblolly pine trees are beautiful evergreens with yellow-green needles, reddish-brown scaled bark, and the classic pine shape that offers both ornamentation and shade for your yard. The loblolly thrives in even difficult soil and is fairly easy to monitor for tree diseases and damage. But another part of tree maintenance is monitoring for potential insect infestations, which may come to require the help of a tree care service or pest control service.

Nantucket Pine Tip Moth

The Nantucket pine tip moth is a large, gray moth with red specks that can pose a particular risk to younger loblolly pine trees. The moth eggs are laid within the growing tree's branches and bark. When the eggs hatch, the larvae feeds on the nearest tree tissue, which can start to cause dieback throughout the tree. A pine tip moth infestation can cause the loblolly to grow more slowly and to have smaller, less healthy looking branches and needles while growing.

If you have a pine tip moth infestation, call a tree care service or pest control company for help. The adults can be plucked off the tree manual while the larvae might require carefully timed chemical controls to get rid of the problem.

Southern Pine Beetle

The southern pine beetle is small in size but can cause significant damage to the infested tree. And loblolly pine trees are particularly susceptible to pine beetle infestations. The beetles will bore through the bark and eat at the healthy tree tissue with symptoms that intensify as the infestation worsens. Symptoms include the needles turning yellow then red and falling from the tree, loosening bark, and boring holes that have a light-colored dust around the edges.

Unfortunately, prevention is better for pine beetles than after-infestation treatment. Keeping the tree and soil as healthy as possible can help manage the damage from an infestation and the use of an insecticide might help. But the pine beetles might still kill the tree, which will require the help of a tree removal service to help prevent the beetles from spreading to other trees.

Seedling Debarking Weevils

Seedling debarking weevils are only a problem if you have planted a very young loblolly recently and if weevil problems are already springing up in your area. Weevils are small but annoying pests that will feed on and suck dry a loblolly seedling. If you are continuously monitoring the growth of your tree, you should be able to catch the infestation early and treat accordingly.

For more information, contact Affordable Pest Control Inc or a similar company.


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