Turning Up The Heat On Bed Bugs: A Closer Look At Professional Heat Treatment

Posted on: 10 March 2016

From waking to bites in the middle of the night to facing all-out paranoia when you try to slip under the covers, bed bugs are a pest that are no joke. Unfortunately, bed bugs are resilient to many of the most common chemicals that are used for pest treatment, and, therefore, you may be looking into something that is a little more effective to get rid of these blood-sucking nightmare makers. Heat treatment is actually a highly regarded form of bed bug treatment in the pest removal business. Here are a few of the most common questions about heat treatment for bed bugs and the facts that you will want to know. 

How exactly does heat treatment for bed bugs work?

Bed bugs are not able to withstand high temperatures for very long without dehydrating and dying. In fact, all it takes to kill bed bugs is a consistent temperature of 140 degrees. This is a temperature that can easily be achieved with the right equipment, and even your clothes dryer will suffice to eliminate bed bugs on bedding and clothing. If you hire a pest control agent to perform heat treatment for bed bugs in your home, they will likely use a contraption often referred to as an indoor hot house, which is basically a large PVC tent that is connected with forced-heat space heaters. 

Why couldn't you just get your house really hot to get rid of the bugs?

It can be incredibly difficult to heat your home evenly to a temperature of 140 degrees, regardless of what type of heaters it is that you use. Furthermore, trying to increase the temperature to this level without professional guidance could easily pose a fire hazard. There have been several cases in which people have inadvertently caused a fire trying to attempt a DIY heat treatment for bed bugs. One woman even managed to cause a fire in her entire apartment building, leaving more than two dozen families without a home. 

Where can you find pest control agents that offer heat treatment?

Most pest control agents do offer some kind of heat treatment, whether it is with steam machines, hot houses, or other methods. Many companies offer heat treatment methods as an alternative for people who do not want any type of chemicals or sprays used in their home. Furthermore, heat treatment is often used in conjunction with traditional treatment methods to achieve better results. 

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