Does Your Home Have Siding? These 3 Pests Can Destroy It

Posted on: 21 December 2015

Your home's siding needs to withstand hail, wind, rain, and all kinds of environmental factors, but homeowners often forget about pests that can cause damage to it as well. Here are 3 pests that can cause you trouble.


The goal of a rodent is to get into your home for food and shelter. A squirrel will often find their way into an attic or a room on the top floor of a house, while rats and mice tend to get into the basement and rooms on your first floor.

Rodents will multiply very quickly, so if you see one rodent there is a chance that you could eventually be dealing with an infestation. For example, rats reproduce at a rate of 8-12 babies in a single month, which is a great reason to get them out of your home as soon as possible.

Since rodents sharpen their teeth by gnawing through the side of your house, they will gain entry and leave holes that can be a big problem. Prevent this from happening by replacing damaged siding when you see it, putting out traps to catch rodents around your home, and cleaning food spills that can attract them. If you do notice pests inside your home, have a pest control company get rid of them for you.


Since termites ingest wood material, wood siding is a potential target for them to feast on. Even if you do have metal or vinyl siding, termites may chew through it to search for wood.

If you have damaged siding around your home, look for signs that it could be due to termites. Subterranean termites travel by building thin tunnels out of mud. If a neighbor has a termite problem, they could be migrating to your home through these tunnels. The mud tunnels are not the only sign of termites though, so it's best to have the damage inspected and identified as a termite infestation so they can be properly exterminated.


These birds will drum against metal, vinyl, and wood siding with their sharp beaks. Thankfully, you'll hear these pests before you notice the damage. Your local home improvement store will sell a product that you apply to the areas where the woodpeckers perch that feels tacky. It makes them not want to stay in the area because their feet will be sticky, which prevents them from quickly taking off.

While these pests can cause some big problem, getting rid of them is only half the battle. If the damage caused to your siding cannot be fixed, be sure to call a professional siding company that can repair the damage for you. Click here to investigate further.


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