How A Cat Can Help With Mice Problems

Posted on: 26 June 2015

If you have mice on your property, you want to do the best you can to eradicate them. It can be a challenge to get rid of mice, traps and poisons can be a threat to your own pets and other wildlife. There is a way you can lower the mouse population on your land without the use of pesticides or traps. You can get a good mouser cat, a feral cat or a kitten to raise as a mouser. Follow the advice in this article to see success with a mouser.

If you choose a kitten –

If you decide to get a kitten and raise it to be a mouser, you want to make sure you go with an older kitten that comes from a mouser mother. This way, you know it has had a few months to be trained by its mother to hunt. When you bring the kitten home, you want to keep it inside while you get it used to being at your house.

Play with the kitten with toys it can stalk and hunt. This will keep it in hunting mode. After the kitten is comfortable at your house, you can begin letting it outside. For the safety of the kitten, you should get it used to coming in the house at night. Show it the areas where you have mice and draw its attention to those areas by leaving little snacks or catnip nearby.

If you choose a full grown cat –

If you choose to go with an adult cat, you get the benefit of knowing the cat is already a trained mouser. You still want to bring the cat in your home for the first week or two, so it doesn't run off. Once you let it outside, the cat should stay near the house. You want to make sure you feed it by the front door or in the house each day. The cat will still hunt mice even though it is being fed regularly. You should bring the cat in at night to keep it safe from predators.

If you choose a feral cat –

If you decide to go with a feral cat, you won't be able to guarantee it will stay on your property. Feeding it each day at a location a good distance from the house can help keep it on your land. A feral cat won't come in the house and it more than likely won't come near you. However, it will probably be a fantastic mouser cat who will have your land free of mice in no time.

Tip: No matter what type of cat you get, you want to make sure it is fixed. Not only does this help ensure it will stay at home, but it also ensures you won't be contributing to the overpopulated cat problem. If you continue having problems with mice, you should turn to a pest control company likePestco Inc.


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