5 Steps To Restoring A Home After A Hoarder Has Been In It

Posted on: 18 June 2015

If a hoarder has been living in your rental property and you did not know how bad the situation was, there will be many steps you will need to take in order to turn your property back into a livable space. Hoarding attracts pests, damages the home, and can often lead to mold growing throughout the house. The following guide walks you through the steps to take to have your rental property restored to a livable space.

Remove the Hoard

The first thing you will need to do is have the entire hoard removed from the home. Vermin and pests may be living in the hoard.

Have a Pest Control Company Inspect the House

Once you have cleaned out the house, have a pest control company like Fowler Pest Control inspect the home. There could be termites living under the home, rats in the walls, and even roaches hiding under your cabinets. The inspection will ensure that every pest is detected, so that they can be eradicated from the home.

Have the Home Fumigated

Next, the pest control company will have to fumigate the home to get rid of the pests living inside. No one will be able to go into the home for a while due to the fumes that will be used to kill everything that could be living in the home. The pest control company will then have to come back to remove all of the dead rodents and bugs from the home.

Have the Home Inspected by a Building Inspector

Next, you need to have the home inspected by a building inspector. He or she will determine if the wires in the home were frayed from rodents eating them or if there is any mold growing in the home. The inspector will provide you with a detailed list of everything that needs to be repaired.

Have Remodeling Done

Hire contractors to come and repair everything that needs to be repaired right away. The sooner the home is remodeled, the sooner you will be able to rent it out. Once it has been repaired, you can then add new paint to the walls and replace the carpeting to make the home look as good as new.

Once the home has been restored to livable condition, you can rent it again. In order to avoid the situation from occurring again in the future, be sure that you do monthly checks on the property to be sure that the tenants are not damaging your home.


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